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Email Stephen Macha

Email Stephen Macha

Stephen Macha Phone: (513) 556-1574

Larry Sallans Phone: (513) 556-1575

Fax: 556-9239

Room 412 Rievschl Hall

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati Mass Spectrometry Facility

Detailed information pertaining to our facility can be found at the links to the left. Our facility is dedicated to inorganic, organic and biological mass spectrometry analyses. Our facility is one of the two primary centers for the State of Ohio Mass Spectrometry Consortium. Participating universities in this Consortium are the Ohio State Center, the Cincinnati Center, Akron, Toledo, Ohio University, Miami, Kent, Youngstown, as well as many other Ohio universities, clinics, and industrial laboratories. The University of Cincinnati Facility will not only provide access to the instruments at the Cincinnati Facility, but also all instruments at other participating universities. The Consortium is working to establish network links to allow rapid data transmission between various sites.

Technical direction for the facility is provided by the Faculty Supervisor, Chemistry Professor Pat Limbach. Our staff, Dr.Stephen Macha and Dr. Larry Sallans maintain day-to-day operations in the facility. New users are invited to them to discuss your analysis needs.

The Web site is no longer active to submit samples. Please use the form below to email your sample request to Larry or Stephen.

Right Click and download sample form, fill out on your computer, print it out, attach it and send it with the sample to the lab.